Start At The Top

At Creative Cabinet & Millwork, we know that whether you are trying to create a stunning entryway or a beautiful dining room accent, the ceiling is an important part of design.

Crowning The Room

When you’re renovating and designing your home or business, be sure not to neglect the space above it all. Ceilings can make subtle or bold statements but no matter what the statement is the room is incomplete if the ceiling goes untouched.

The unique addition that a ceiling can bring to a room can manifest itself through trusses, wood accents, texture, beams, mouldings, and a plethora of other possibilities. There is a ceiling in every room of your home and designs can be enhanced in living, dining, bedrooms or even bathrooms with a custom ceiling.

Creative Cabinet & Millwork creates stunning, custom beam work with our experienced manufacturers and artisans. Rustic or exposed wooden beams can add character to ceilings that can add to or complete a room’s design.